Plan Your Own Wedding – Tired of the stigma that Millennials are getting because of being cheap? Millennials are resourceful and are becoming the Kings and Queens of Do it yourself and plan your own weddings. When you control every aspect of the wedding planning, it helps keep the wedding budget on task.Outside the Box

Being able to plan the size and location of the wedding is just the tip of the iceberg. When planning your own wedding you are able to prioritize every detail. You do not get swept away into a boxed style, prefab wedding. If you don’t want a classic church wedding, you don’t have to. Instead, have a wedding that will fill up Facebook and Instagram feeds for years to come.

CeremonyPlan Your Own Wedding

The three elements of planning your own wedding is finding the right location for the ceremony. To have a gathering place after the ceremony and to provide food and drink. It is also nice to have some entertainment and maybe some dancing. With Retro Rental Trailers, we can help provide the physical setting for the ceremony. Also because food and drink are important for any type of entertainment, we have a bar styled airstreams to use.

The Final Word

Plan Your Own Wedding
Without the limitations of a physical building, the power as a does it yourself bride to choose the location for the ceremony. You have the decision-making ability. You can choose to have a remote ceremony and reception. Pairing with Retro Rental Trailers gives you the options that people were dreaming of a few years ago. Now it’s easier and with less worry. You can have a Retro Airstream Trailer that the bridal party can get ready in and guests can have their very own refreshment trailer because there is a bar Retro Airstream Trailer to get drinks from. All of these can be paired with any type of plan because it is your own wedding and you desire it. Contact the knowledgable experts at Retro Rentals to start discussing your do it yourself plans.