DIY Wedding – The task of deciding on the entertainment aspect of the do it yourself wedding seems relatively simple. But the decision to have or not have a drink station, a dance floor, types of food, and a place for guests and family to gather, can be hard to come by. Let the staff at Retro Rental Trailers demonstrate what an outfitted wedding event can look like.

Decisions, Decisions


Imagine that the DIY Wedding has come up with a dapper theme for her wedding. Picture a classic bartender serving drinks from an airstream trailer, wearing classic black and white, and performing flawlessly for your guests. Classic white lights can be strung up between trailers to create an early evening, a nighttime ambiance that guests will enjoy.


A DIY Wedding Plan

The DIY Wedding has a lot on her plate for planning. Once the decision has been made to include Retro Rental Trailers on a special day, they can provide a sense of professional security and relief that things will be taken care of. The bride can enjoy a drink served out one window, while her guests are being served out the other. Solid hardwood and sleek design will keep your family and guests in awe, before, during, and after the ceremony.

In addition, you need to consider musical genera, food types, and quantity, drinks of mock-tails, dancing or not, indoors or outside, location and dressing rooms, even bathrooms for quests if it is out of doors.

Creating a Memory

Being able to control the event and how it is run is one of the perks of planning a do it yourself wedding. The professionals at Retro Rental Trailers are delighted to help and offer suggestions and insights for the event. Partnering up with people who have to create memories as their priority is what it means to be a DIY Wedding.

The Final Word

In the end, most people consider this one of the single most important days of their lives. If you truly want it to be yours. A Do It Yourself event or DIY Wedding can be either horrifically satisfying or just horrific.

DIY Wedding

By having Retro-Rentals event planning professional help you will take all of the pain and agony out of the Most Important day of your life.