always a partyWhy Retro Rental? – No matter the season, there’s always a reason to throw a party. Spring is a time for weddings, family outings, and school events. Summer is a time for BBQ’s, family reunions, and pool parties. Fall has plenty of holidays and tailgating. And nobody can forget New Year’s Eve celebrations held in the winter.

Always a reason

There are always opportunities to throw a party, and Retro Rental can guarantee they’ll have a trailer ready to meet the needs of any occasion. When getting together and having a fun time with family and friends, utilizing the outdoors by using one of these rentals could take the party to the next level.

We Are AffordableSelf-Contained Party

Choosing a venue for a special event often takes a toll on someone’s wallet. Whether the costs are being split, comped, or covered by a generous relative, it’s still beneficial to know they will be getting the most for their money. These units are absolutely beautiful and have incredible features worth the competitive price.

Call for a Custom Quote

partyDepending on the needs of the customer, each retro trailer is custom-made to fit specific needs. The event could be a corporate outing or a school event, and Retro Rental will have the trailer prepared in whatever conditions needed for that client.

Fully-stocked or Bring Your Own

Another great feature is customers have the option to ask the Retro Rental be fully-stocked with what they will need during their event. If the customers want to provide their own foods, drinks, etc. then that’s also an option. The ability to choose whether someone wants to pack their own fridge or have it prepared could save time and get straight to the partying.

The Final WordTin Bar Custom Etched Window

For whatever your party needs may be, Retro Rental will have the right trailer for you. Simply contact us and check out our fantastic website for more information. We will provide you with the best service possible to fit your needs.