Going RetroGoing Retro: Planning an event is no small task. Event planners often look for that unique, one-of-a-kind experience. They want that special touch, the one detail that everyone will remember weeks and weeks after the festive event or gathering. Retro Rentals provides that unique touch, a fantastic experience, we are the original. Nostalgia at its best, when going retro.

How to Add Vintage to an Event

Retro Rentals specializes in going retro, vintage, rentable trailers. These are no ordinary vintage trailers, however. These are a labor of love – born from a desire to putter with, rebuild, refurbish, and yet retain the retro feel of a trailer from the past. Every detail is poured into each one of these vintage transports, from custom hardwood counters to etched windows with ambient lighting.

Going Retro Options

Our retro trailers have different designs – if you’re looking for a fun party atmosphere, look no further than our vintage-inspired “Tin Bar” – a self-sustained retro bar. Two windows open out to guests, inviting them up for a refreshing beverage, or witty conversation under the awning. The modest size of 14′ x 6’6″ allows for this portable trailer to go almost anywhere!


carolinaA bit larger, our Carolina boasts a queen bed, stainless steel working shower, stove, entertainment center and more. Relax in comfort as you gaze out into the night sky in this 32′ 1977 Airstream Sovereign. No detail is left out – use this to commemorate that special occasion and create a memory you’ll never forget!



silver belleOur largest of the bunch, the Silver Belle has got it all. A whopping 21′ long by 7’6″ wide, this Airstream Safari takes fun to another level. Enjoy a unique party experience with this retro trailer. Complete with a Bluetooth stereo system, full bathroom, breakfast bar and more, you’ll leave a lasting impression with attendees.

Going Retro is Lifestyle

We want you to have a great time at your event. We love our trailer fleet and know you will too. And our dedication doesn’t stop with our vintage trailers. We aim to give our customers the same level of detail and service. Contact us today and let us make your experience one you won’t forget.

The Final Word

Going retro is not easy if it were everyone would want to do it. It requires a certain amount of class, knowledge, appreciation and the right amount of sophistication to pull it off. Retro Rental USA has all of that and more. To make the most of any corporate event, wedding or church social or event. Contact Retro Rentals to make sure everyone keeps talking about your party for years to come.