Desert Wedding – I met up with one of my college roommates the other day who had recently just got back from another friend’s wedding in Utah. As girls out having brunch, we gossiped over every little detail. With us being from the East Coast, this was one of the first, Out West weddings she has ever attended, and her first desert wedding.

We, of course, talked about the beautiful bride, the dresses, the handsome groomsmen, and of course the location. I asked her to tell me how an outdoor wedding in the desert, a Utah Desert Wedding, was able to happen. She took out her phone and showed me some of the pictures from the wedding.

Vintage Airstream

“Is that an airstream trailer?” I asked astonished. She went on to tell me how the bride, her friend, did the wedding planning herself. She went to a Bridal Expo, and there was a booth that was tailored too, ‘Do it yourself’ The company also had Retro Airstream Trailers for rent for this and other events. The Bride was able to coordinate with the company, and they even helped plan her special day. They were able to pair her with a few trailers that provided space for the bride and her party to get ready in. There was also a food and beverage trailer, that when setting up with the event tent, looked perfect with white strung lights.

Flawless Desert Wedding

The pictures she showed me were incredible. Her Instagram account had so many likes from people following the hashtags. My friend went on to say how easy it seemed to plan an outdoor, vintage wedding, with retro Airstream trailers. We talked some more about the wedding, her showing me even more photos of the Bride and Groom, with the airstream trailers in the background. Most of her shots were candid’s, and you could see all the guests gathered around the retro bar trailer. It just looked like so much fun.

My friend and I departed, and as we walked away, I looked down at the engagement ring on my hand. I wonder if I would be able to plan my wedding using Retro Airstream Trailers. My fiancé and I had been talking about a destination wedding. One in the desert or mountains of Utah sounds like a great location. I smiled, remembering the look on the Brides faces in one of her photos, with the vintage Airstream trailer in the background. I pictured my fiancé and me in the photo. My family is going to love this idea. We used to go camping in an Airstream trailer.

The Final Word

The fabulous idea of renting a Vintage Airstream Trailer from Retro Rentals matched the motif exactly! If you need fresh ideas for the most memorable event of your life. Call today to discuss planning the event. Regardless if you are doing it yourself bride, and mother planning for your daughters, sister or best friends best day.

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