People love seeing Airstreams Trailers. The trailers themselves seem to bring back memories of a different time and place for people from many walks of life. They are proof that nostalgia is a current running theme in everyday life. They can bring out memories of childhood, of family camping trips to the lake. Alternatively, maybe even epic family stories of mislead escapades by a wayward Aunt and Uncle. Regardless of how they are viewed, Airstream Trailers have a strong, iconic, American History.

Airstreams Trailers

The vintage Airstream trailer has a strong history. It was started by a man named Wally Byam who loved to go tent camping. When he married, his wife liked the idea of camping, but not sleeping in a tent. He decided to build a travel trailer that would provide sleeping space for them. It evolved into having a stove and sink. The first teardrop, aluminum sided Airstream trailer was born on the frame of a model-T.

Fast forward to the years after the WWI. The teardrop shape got a redesign to the more icon Silver Bullet shape that we associate Airstream with today. However, the teardrop and smaller silver bullet designs are where our Retro Airstream trailers are. Our Silver Belle Airstream trailer was built in 1964. It is modeled after the earlier version that made easy, tow-behind campers, for fuel-efficient vehicles.

For many reasons, the Airstream Trailer has withstood the passage of time. It may be redesigned and have more modern features, but the spiritual element is still the same, the one that was the vision of Wally Byam, “ travel, adventure, and experiencing the world first-hand.”

The Final Word

Our trailers have been redesigned from camping trailers to ones that can be used for events. Not only are they functional, but they can create new memories and experiences while being a vintage, authentic talking piece. The Airstream trailer has been a part of the American bloodstream since the 1950s. The company is still going strong today with its traditional, signature, shape, and use of aluminum. What has changed is the many more creative ways that it can be used.

Give us a call to come to have a look at our Airstreams and to talk vintage. We love hearing peoples stories and sharing our own experiences. We are a part of the growing Airstream community that helps keep this iconic history alive. Contact Melaine or Kelly at
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