Classy Bar

The secret is getting out about how unique and eye-catching using an airstream as a bar is. I recently visited a place in Columbia, South Carolina that used an airstream, behind its restaurant in enclosed patio space, to tend bar. The family I was with stopped with gaping jaws at it as soon as we saw it. It is impressive how iconic, eye-catching, and useful an airstream can be when repurposed for a bar

Classy Bar

Using an airstream as a bar can upscale any event. It fits into the decorum of vintage, dressed up, or even low key. It becomes the perfect support piece to any gathering. Have a large back yard? It can fit and come part of lawn games. Have a field? It can become the gathering point for an epic bonfire event. The point is, using an airstream bar trailer, gives the party planner many options on how to construct an event.

Bartender SafetyMock Tails

One of the biggest concerns when hosting an event is drinking. Everyone wants to have a good time, but the responsibility is still a factor. Keep your liquor, beer, and bartender safe by being able to serve out of an enclosed structure. Being able to hook up lights and have a wash station in the airstream means sanitation, lights, and music are provided with less hassle and less planning gaffs on the organizers part.

Quality over Quantity


Why go to the just a Bar when you can bring the Classy Bar with you? The quality of construction and design that goes into one of our reliable Classy Bar airstream trailers strong is one that needs to have the experienced first hand. A skilled, Classy Bartender will love all the amenities and be able to provide quality service in a small area. Designer drinks, simple martinis, or mint juleps will help make any occasion memorable and unique. Give us a call today to come to see one of our trailers and to discuss how we can help give your event A Classy Bar with Class.

The Final Word

To fully appreciate your options, please call Kelly today to schedule an appointment. We would love to have you tour our production facility and look at our trailers. Availability is always on top of our mind; we turn and burn with a cleaning crew. We pick up and deliver, and have a team designated to provide professional set up, with ice to generators.

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Retro Rentals never recommends Drinking and Driving, always use a designated driver!