Retro WeddingsRetro Weddings with Modern Convenience – Maybe you’re dreaming of a retro wedding full of charm and romance. Then, you start planning and reality sets in. Pretty soon you may be wondering if some of those nostalgic touches are worth the trouble they can cause. That’s not a problem at Retro Rentals. Our vintage trailers combine style and convenience. Here are some of the major advantages.

Practical Features

Our trailers are as functional as they are stylish. That may come as a relief if you’ve been looking at furniture inspired by famous architects. People who obviously cared more about aesthetics than ergonomics. With solid wood pieces so big and heavy it’s like no one back then ever imagined the need to move something from one place to another. By contrast, our trailers are designed to provide everything you need for your wedding from ample cabinet and countertop space to comfortable seating and mood lighting.

         Fewer Restrictions 

If you’ve ever looked into renting a historic site, you know that they usually come with extensive restrictions because preservationists have to protect them. Maybe you want to build a champagne tower and have your dog be the flower girl, but the rental agreement bans uncovered beverages and says no children or pets. When you rent one of our trailers, you can relax knowing that it can stand up to normal use, and you’re free to use it as a bar, lounge, or photo booth.

More Convenienceretro cars

If you’ve been on Sunset Boulevard, you know what can go wrong when you have your heart set on a leopard-upholstered 1931 Isotta-Fraschini convertible, and the only one available belongs to a delusional former movie star who won’t return your calls. Compared to that, renting one of our trailers is easy. You’ll have your choice of trailers suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and you’ll love our simple reservation and payment process.

The Final Word

A retro wedding doesn’t have to be complicated and stressful. Contact us at Retro Rentals today to find out more about our fine vintage trailers and old-fashioned customer service.