PartyCorporate Party for Yourself and the Holiday’s – Have you recently seen all the airstream retro rental festivities that are happening? Have you thought to yourself that this would be a great set-up for a corporate event? Well, ’is the season for corporate holiday parties and you are correct, they are a great idea! Here are a few tips to have a great holiday party.

Retro Theme

Want to do something with a twist? You could have a retro vintage themed holiday party. Do your coworkers like to dress up? Maybe you work inparty a company that enjoys these types of gatherings. If they do, then this is the time to go all out for them. We can help provide a unique backdrop and accompaniment to any themed corporate holiday party. Our retro vintage holiday party set-up will provide lasting, positive memories for your event.

Party Location

Set up a spot where it is easy for people to enter and exit. It is a very busy time of the year, and though we ideally would like every coworker to stay for the entire event, it may not be possible. Allow an area that is free-flowing to let people come and go as they please. Let them mingle and say hello, have a drink, and then depart when they need to. If you pair a location with our Vintage Tin Bar trailer, you add a retro twist to your holiday party.

Food and Drink

wedding partyMake sure your corporate holiday party has food and drink available. No one wants to go to a holiday party that he or she needs to bring something to, especially in this busy season. Make all of your time easy and simple by making sure that food and drinks are accessible, if not provided for. We have food retro camper rentals available to keep with a unique holiday theme.


The Final Word

Being the planner of your corporate holiday event can be fun and challenging. If you want an idea that will put smiles on your coworker’s faces, then consider these options for a successful event. Vintage retro is in style and will add flair to your event. Give us a call to find out more about how we can work with you during this holiday season.

And always include a Retro Trailer for all of your celebrations!