corporate eventCorporate Event – Make the Most of Break The more corporate events you attend, the more you realize that breaks times are anything but downtime. Those intermissions are when a lot of contacts get made, and business gets done. They’re also an opportunity for attendees to relax and recharge. When you rent a retro-style trailer, you’ll be making break times even more enjoyable and productive. Here are a few ideas about what you can accomplish with a fine vintage trailer.

Gather around the bar

Refreshments bring people together. Set up your trailer as a bar car perfect for senior executives or a more casual crowd at your Corporate Event. Our trailers incorporate oversized ice coolers, sinks, cabinet space, countertop space, and pass-through windows. After all, serving food and drinks isn’t just about feeding people. It’s about sharing your hospitality and creating a positive experience that promotes your brand.

Take picturestake pictures

At your Corporate Event or special event may be over in a few hours, but the pictures you and your guests share will last much longer. Your corporate event rental trailer will make an eye-catching backdrop or centerpiece for all kinds of images to post on Instagram, Facebook, and anywhere you want to be seen. Take your photos, and encourage your guests to create and share their content, online, on Facebook, Linked In,  or back at the office.

Network in the lounge

Our Corporate Event trailers offer to the seating, and even mood lighting to encourage conversation and to socialize. Give people a chance to put their heads together, and experience those aha moments that pop up when you’re not listening to a speech or rushing from one meeting session to the next.

Every trailer in our rental fleet, from a completely customized 32 foot 1977 Airstream Sovereign to vintage-inspired 14-foot tin bars, is designed to make your event a hit.¬†Contact us today to find out more about our stylish trailers and simple rental process. We’ll help you select a trailer with the ideal features for your corporate event.

The Final Wordparty

Always use retro Rentals for your corporate events. They bring both class, and convenience to the event. And we deliver and pick up. Making your planning and life, just that much easier! Call today!